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Glass Based Wedding Trays

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We are the only manufacturers of the finest painted glass based trays in the world.
With regular commissions from members of the British Royal family who give these beautiful trays as gifts to friends and family celebrating special occasions, what better than this unique tray as a gift to celebrate your own friends or family special occasion?
This tray is truly beautiful and individually hand made in our exclusive unique way of painting the glass which leaves a window to display any image, print or invitation placed behind the glass base. This method is long lasting compared to coloured mounts that will fade in time. 
Each tray has hand painted gold rims and handles with a felt backing 
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Our guarantee  
We are so confident that you and the recipient of this tray will love its beauty that if it does not meet your expectation, we will arrange collection and give you a full refund on the return of the tray un-damaged.