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Sample request (£20 refundable)

  • £20.00

To receive a sample is easy, please upload your image by following the criteria below. We will send you a sample coaster and a discount code which will deduct £20 when you place a order.

£20 is non refundable if you choose not to proceed. 

If there are artwork issues we will inform you and help with solving it.

The image must be at least 300dpi or 1121px x 1121px and you can upload any of the following formats. 

JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF, GIF, EPS  up to 100 megabyte

If you wish for us to design you a coaster or edit artwork, please contact us with for a quotation, rates start from just £30

Coaster dimensions: 90mm x 90mm 

Description: 3.2mm Hardboard coaster with durable heat pressed, heat resistant, laminated melamine surface backed with cork.