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Create a Placemat or Coaster

Create your own lets you take control and be creative in designing the perfect product to compliment your home.

You can create your own melamine placemats, coasters, glass tray and folding table by selecting a design template, product, colour and uploading a image of your choice. This is also great for making kids mats in our creative kids section.

We will be constantly updating new templates for you, but if you are handy with design, you can add this to our products by simply uploading it to us.

In this section you can choose your background template, surround or colour of your mat and add any image or text if you wish.

Up-load any image and we will insert it into your product. You may have a favourite photo that you would like on a single item or a set.

Images must be high quality to get the best result. 300dpi and above is ideal.

We can accept images up to 100 megabyte in size. The better quality of your image, the better the results.

Be creative and you will receive a beautiful personalised hand made product.

If you are an artist and you wish to create a range of product for us to make and sell on this site, do get in touch.

Melamine dimensions in cm:  COASTER 11.1 X 9.1 TABLE MAT 23.7 X 19.1, PLACEMAT 29 X 22.2